Stuff Customers Do

May 8, 2012

As some of you may know I work at a pub/restaurant. For legal reasons (such as getting sued) I’m not allowed to mention the name of the place. But I will however disclose a list of things that customers do which seem custom designed to piss me off!

Along with the help of my friend ccc7ccc  an awesome cartoonist on the internet I will go through my top 5 pet peeves. Counting down in reverse order of course!

Number 5:-

I call him buggy-chanThis is just weird. I can understand yelling or shouting, especially if the bar is busy but this is just a bit uncomfortable.

Number 4:-

Oh Guinness, you're supposed to be at the START of the order!  I really hate this. Guinness has a really slow preparation time which involves part pouring and leaving it to settle and then topping it up. For reference just see this pompous video. A lot of people recommend that you leave the pint to settle for a whole TWO MINUTES before topping it up. That’s just crazy talk. BUT if you order the Guinness at the start of your round it can be left to settle whilst your other drinks are poured!

Number 3:-

Why are you a douche? This doesn’t need explaining.

Number 2:-

Any resemblance to a certain other caster is coincidental... The best part of this façade is the totally sober walk up to the bar counter in a perfect straight line only to trip up at the last moment!  Whilst I admire your insistence I’m not going to serve you any more. I really don’t want to clean up after you if something goes wrong.

Number 1:-

Decide what you want. THEN go to the bar. Oh. My. Gosh. Seriously, this happens all the time. Ultimately it leads to be pouring several fresh drinks because who the hell orders a vodka cranberry with no cranberry. However the thing that bugs me the most is telling me the drink one. drink. at. a. time. so. I. have. to. pour. each. drink. and. then. get. the. next. one. It’s jarring and it wastes time. I feel sorry for the people behind you in the queue.

Well that about wraps it up for now. And the first blog update on here for… five months? Something like that.
Pudding over and out!

Let’s Get Started with The Pudding Earl

November 29, 2011

Pudding streams! That’s where all the cool stuff happens. Currently every sunday evening around 7pm EST/ midnight GMT I am broadcasting live playthroughs of video games. These are mostly SNES, Megadrive (Genesis) or Pokemon games. I’ve been doing this for a while now but I really wanted to tie it in to my blog so that I might increase the activity of my blog posts out of some sense of obligation.

Who knows I might actually start doing some videos too.

So to get started:-

My channel currently resides at:

My twitter account: This one is useful because I make a post to say when I’m going live!

My email address in case any of you guys feel like send me an email is:  I’ll do my best to reply to you!

And finally if you ever feel insane enough to throw money at me. Here’s the place to do it:

That’s about it for now, have fun!
Pudding over and out!

Sappy Homestuck Post

October 26, 2011

In my entire life no piece of media has made me laugh or cry as much as Homestuck. No other media has ever touched me so deeply or made such a great connection with me. I just finished watching the animation for the End of Act 5 a second time, I’m awestruck. Andrew Hussie is a genius. There’s still more of this story to unfold and when it’s done I will be a different person from it. I know this is all very dramatic but it’s how I feel. This goofy little webcomic has grown into an epic story. I hope that you can give it a try, it might change your life.

Blog re-vamp

October 15, 2011

New content etc.

I’m gonna start blogging Pudding Adventures and tying this blog into my streaming channel.

Also It’s nearing a time I like to refer to as “Cagemas- Christmas of the Cage” So I’d like to do a few posts about Nicolas Cage Movies.

Watch this space. Or not…


May 16, 2011

It’s been a while since I’ve felt compelled to blog, however this film has knocked me off guard and captured me.

Before going to watch Hanna all I knew is that it had Cate Blanchett in it and music by ‘the chemical brothers’  which as it turns out was the best set up. I had not seen any trailers, I had no idea what the film was going to be like. As it turns out, glorious!

Hanna Poster

This review is going to be entirely spoiler free as always with these types of finds, I feel that the film should be seen by anyone who is interested.

The basic premise is this, A young girl named Hanna is trained by her father at survival skills and in combat. We later learn he is a spy or an agent of some sort caught up in a plot that endangers both his and his daughter’s life. He then sends his daughter on a mission to save them both.

On the surface this might not appear to be very interesting but it’s the atmosphere of the film. The shooting style of the director, the desperate situations, the bewitching scenery, and most of all the soundtrack. I found that the soundtrack made the film so engrossing, every note played for atmosphere perfectly in synch with the timing of the events, woven intricately during the softer scenes and played harshly to compliment the action sequences.  To the very end a masterpiece.

From one high point to another, the acting . I feel the film was cast wonderfully right from the leading actresses down to each side character. In particular Saoirse Ronan for being convincing as a 16-year-old killer, I can’t really think of any young actresses that could pull of this part as well as she did in this film. I’d say it was a flawless performance!

Camera work, oh boy, the camera work. Transitional shots, 360 degree rotation shots, shakey cam, point of view shots. Usually I’d class a mixture of these things as being a total nightmare but it’s handled so well in this film. Moments of stress are accentuated and the mixture of these camera effects leads to an overall sense of unease and claustrophobia which just further adds to the intense atmosphere of the film as a whole.

So in summation. Brilliant acting, amazing  direction and a superb soundtrack all add up to make one of the few films I’ve seen in a very long time to have such a deep and profound impact upon me since ‘Let me in’.

This is Pudding signing off and saying ‘I just missed your heart.’


Drive Angry 3D: They couldn’t really call it ‘Man escapes from hell acquires sassy side kick and they try to save a baby from a satanic cult’ could they?

February 25, 2011

Every once in a while a specific type of film is made. The type of film that lets you know that sometimes it’s okay to mess around and make something that is pure unmitigated nonsense. Other films in this category include Crank, Crank 2 and more recently Machete.

Films like these don’t come around very often but when they do I always get the best kind of entertainment. Sometimes you just wanna sit back and watch limbs fly whilst indulging in your sense of black humour. Sometimes you want to watch the most ridiculous action sequences known to man. Sometimes fun is just a Drive Angry 3D away…

Not so much rage, but still THE CAGE!
The film opens with a kick ass soundtrack, rock music of course and one crazy looking truck full of hicks waiting to get a face full of buck shot. A short car chase followed by Nicolas Cage wielding a shot-gun in one hand and just cold maiming dudes in a manner so cool it’s at the pinnacle of STYLE!

All Nic really wants is his baby granddaughter and he escaped from HELL to fetch her. I know, I know – implausible whatever. Just deal with it, relax, enjoy your film because you know what? It just gets better and better.

The 3D seems to only come into effect where the cars and guns are concerned giving it that ‘in your face’ cheesy-ness that totally ruins other more serious films. But I have to go with the Daily Star on this one and say it is indeed ‘The film 3D is made for’ and don’t get me wrong I think the Daily Star is a terrible newspaper but they have a good point with this one. I never felt once that the 3D was too intrusive like I did whilst watching say The Green Hornet or Resident Evil 4 it seemed to fit perfectly.

Another thing that really made this film worthwhile for me is that they were not afraid to be brutal with the violence. Many films shy away from violence but it’s stuff like this that can add a really sick edge to the humour because it’s done in such an over the top way. I’m not lying when I compare it to Crank it that sense – it even has a weird gratuitous sex scene… Squicky – yes but also hilarious!

I find a certain draw to Nicolas Cage, I always find his acting quite unique and to a point unintentionally hilarious (see The Wicker Man) however he seemed to be cast just right in this film, the script was corny but he pulled it off flawlessly. Why? Because he’s dead fucking serious about every role he plays! I just find it so entertaining to see him being a cool guy and not taking no for an answer!

I don’t really want to give the contents of this film away but I will say that if you are the type of person who is not faint hearted, loves crazy action and any of the films I mentioned during this blog then you’ll certainly enjoy Drive Angry!

Pudding over and out!

Trap of the Month December ’09 – Transexual Edition

January 18, 2011

This time we see Momoko of Shangri-La as trap of the month. It was hard to pick a just a couple of screen caps for this one since she has SO MANY outfits throughout the series.

Lovely :)

Let The Right One In / Let Me In

November 18, 2010

Hopefully this will make up for my lack of activity recently. I will get round to uploading more traps when I actually decide who is worthy!

I’m going to review a Swedish film and its American remake in one go. There’ll be a little comparing and contrasting but I assure you that there will be no film bashing! I don’t believe that either film is better than the other and that they are both outstanding films on their own merits.

The basic story of these films is as follows: A young downtrodden boy of the age of 12 is having a tough time both at home and at school, his parents are separated and he has the most horrific bullies. During this time of hardship he develops a friendship with a strange new neighbour. A girl of the same age with a terrible secret, she needs to consume blood to live. The stories of these two films are nearly scene for scene the same with a few minor exceptions. Personally I’d say it doesn’t matter if you only watch one or both you’ll still get the same amount of enjoyment out of them. The only major difference with the stories is that the narrative, in the American version it’s told ‘in medias res’ meaning that the film starts partway through the story and then flashbacks to loop back round again and then end whereas the Swedish version is told chronologically.

In Swedish the boy’s name is Oskar and the girl’s name is Eli. In the American it’s Owen and Abby respectively.

I hate to use the term ‘vampire movie’ since this genre has been heavily tarred by the release of the Twilight Saga in recent years alongside such alternatives as ‘Daybreakers’ you don’t really imagine a positive image of a film when you realise it falls into this subcategory. So yes, these films are about a vampire but They are also horror films to their very core.

I want to discuss various points about this film in a bit of detail. Towards the end of the review I’ll enter spoiler territory but I’ll put a ‘read more’ tag in there to cover it up so don’t worry!

The first thing I noticed of both films was the scenery, being nearly identical in both. You could have almost swore that they used the same outer set for the apartment complex in which the characters live. It’s very stark due to the plain design of the buildings and the crisp white snow. The interiors of the sets are much the same, mundane magnolia paint and plain furniture. This makes the setting seem understated which works to the films credit, and I believe makes the horror scenes even more terrifying just by taking place in these completely normal surroundings.

The American version of the film makes use of the fact that it’s the 80’s but it doesn’t really rub it in your face. Just subtle things such as the music the characters listen to and the type of candy the main character eats. I think this was a nice touch.

Now, camera work. This was bound to come up since the American film had the director of Cloverfield working on it. I wasn’t aware of this until after I had watched the film in the cinema which is good because it didn’t taint my expectations of what the film would be like. The Swedish film didn’t really have any fancy camera work but the angles things were shot from and the fact that there were a lot of wide shots added to the stark nature of the film.

In the American version however there were a few things I picked up upon which were actually very interesting, for example there were quite a few ‘point of view’ camera shots which really pulled you into the atmosphere and gravity of the film. One scene in particular stands out – there is a car crash scene where the whole sequence is shot from when the car pulls out of a petrol station and crashes really horrifically which is shot as if you were a passenger in that car. Very good effects, made the scene particularly gripping.

One other aspect of the camera work  in the American version really made me think. During the course of the film you never once see the face of Owen’s mum clearly make of this what you will but I believe that it correlates strongly to Owen’s detachment from his family life and that his mother is never in focus because Owen doesn’t consider her to be very important. Whatever the directors reason for doing this he managed to pull it off.

Now, let’s talk gore. The Swedish film was cursed with something called low production values so it’s not that the gore was any less traumatising just that it was not as detailed as it’s American counterpart. So whilst the American version had a higher budget allowing for more gore I don’t think this enhanced the film. I will mention one thing about the American film the CG was not very convincing in the scenes where Abby attacks people, it looked very fake a little bit of a bad decision but nothing that can’t be overlooked.

Onto a different topic. The nature of Oskar/Owen and Eli/Abby’s relationship. And this is where I get into spoiler territory! Read no further if you wish to remain unspoiled!

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Trap of the Month- September/October/November ’09

November 11, 2010

I missed these too much. I’m going to try to catch up by cheating!

Pretty Princes
These pretty princesses are Toru, Yuujiro and Mikoto from the Shounen-ai series Princess Princess. Don’t they look angelic!

Next time I’ll be super serious next time!
Pudding out~

Resident Evil:Afterlife- But the franchise lives on…

September 22, 2010

Once upon a time there was a director called Paul W.S. Anderson and in 2002 he wrote and directed a film called Resident Evil starring Milla Jovovich as the main character Alice. Eight years passed two sequels were made and Mr Anderson married Milla Jovovich the end result was Resident Evil:Afterlife. I can only assume that Mr Anderson’s relationship with Miss Jovovich is the reason this film franchise keeps going since these days the films don’t seem to gross that much and only have the loyalty of die-hard fans and Maynard James Keenan (who keeps appearing on the soundtracks to these films for some reason).
Look 3D!
What we have here is a continuation of the franchise. The trailers don’t lie! What you get is flashy action and a story line strangled out of a series of games that doesn’t really have a coherent plot. The T-virus must have like fifty different discoverers by this point.

You might be surprised to hear this but I was glad that I was able to watch this film in 3D, whilst it may have been overdone I don’t believe there would have been much of a spectacle otherwise. Where I really think they used the 3D well was in scenes that had just that hint of depth without it being too in your face. Although there was quite a bit of things being thrown directly into your field of vision to give that cheesy ‘WOAHHH THREEEE DEEEEE’ effect.

The one thing I was really hoping for in this film was the appearance of Leon S Kennedy. Unfortunately this did not happen. Maybe they are leaving it for the sequel. You think I jest? No this film ends on the most over the top cliffhanger but I’ll get to that later.

What we do have in this film is a token black guy who doesn’t die, the return of Claire Redfield and the introduction of a pint-sized version of Chris Redfield. I say pint-sized because this guys arms were not the same size as his head like Chris’s are in the games :p Also Albert Wesker.

I’m not sure if I can spoil this film. It’s not worth picking the plot apart since it’s pretty simple. There are some really neat action sequences alongside the bullshit action sequences as per expectation.

Some of the parts of this film made me laugh so hard I’m sure that the other cinema goers were getting annoyed. For example crows flocking out of a seemingly abandoned airplane. How? When did they even get in there? Why would they be so startled as to fly right in Alice’s face just because she twitched the door? Why didn’t we hear them making crow noises until they attacked?

Also Albert Wesker’s face! When we spoke his upper lip had minimal movement like it’d been paralysed or was glued in place which made taking him seriously a real problem for me.

One of the most hilarious moments of the film is where Wesker is fighting Claire and Chris whilst Alice was stood next to two zombie dogs. The dogs did not attack Alice like you expected them to neither did Alice take the opportunity of the dogs being apparently stunned due to the camera not focusing on them to move to kill them. Instead the zombie dogs and Alice seemed to have an unspoken pact whereby they would not move until Claire and Chris’s conflict with Wesker had resolved itself. WHAT IS THIS EVEN?

The ending. Oh the ending. If for some bizarre reason you feel like reading this would make you feel like I’d spoiled you deeply then do not continue to read past this cut. For everyone else just click ‘more’ below!

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